MBU means core or womb.

To IMBUE is to impregnate with a feeling.

IMBUU is committed to creating ideas that impact the human consciousness.

founder / creative DIRECTOR

Christina Ifubaraboye

Christina is the Founder and Creative Director of IMBUU, with a professional background in media and public affairs. Ifubaraboye holds a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications from the University of Hertfordshire, and is well versed in numerous fields in art and communication. Christina's interests are film, popular culture, media and the power it possesses in the digital age, while her focus is on challenging commonly misconstrued narratives in society.

Finance partner

Ufuoma Ogagarue

Ufuoma is the Finance Partner at IMBUU, as well as the Financial/Business Controller at Flowdesk, Paris. Ufuoma has a Bachelor's of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, as well as a Masters in International Management from the Paris School of Business. With a keen fondness for numbers, Ogagarue has a good eye for money management, as well as identifying potential partnerships and opportunities. Her expertise spans financial planning, strategy development, and business modelling. 



Wale is the Art Director for IMBUU, as well as Pülö’s Associate Producer. He holds a Bachelors in Visual Arts from the University of Lagos and has years of experience as a multidisciplinary designer. Agara’s ability to conceptualise abstract themes and consolidate ideas into a solid body of work is informed by his background and discipline in brand design and advertising. His ability to also deconstruct contexts in writing has helped keep Pülö grounded in its style and voice.

head of LEGAL 

Omotayo Inakoju

Omotayo is a highly skilled and ambitious legal practitioner with experience in corporate law, media law, entertainment law and company secretarial services. Omotayo is the Head of Legal at IMBUU and is currently serving as the Legal Manager at Silverbird Group which comprises of Silverbird Cinemas Limited, Silverbird Communications Limited, Silverbird Film Distributions Limited and Silverbird Galleria Limited. She has been able to garner great experience in the aforementioned fields by actively participating in the negotiation and execution of various high calibre deals on behalf of IMBUU, Silverbird and other top-leading production companies in Nollywood. 

impact coordinator

Elisa mereghetti

Elisa Mereghetti's professional career in television began in 1984 at the RAI Corporation in New York, where she worked as producer for several RAI programs and documentaries filmed across the US, Australia and Central America. Her first documentary is Mother of the Waters (1988), on the cult of the sea goddess Yemanjà in Afro-Brazilian culture. In 1990 she directed Becoming a Woman in Okrika, about the initiation of adolescent girls in the Niger Delta, Nigeria, with American anthropologist Judith Gleason. Co-founder of the production company ETHNOS, she has directed dozens of documentaries. Her films, shot around the world mainly in Africa, Asia and South America, focus on cultural and environmental issues, women's stories, social, anthropological and development subjects. Her films have received important awards and have been broadcast by numerous Italian and foreign broadcasters. She has produced for several NGOs and for UNDP - United Nations Development Program.

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